Competition Rules

All club competitions will be played to EBA rules.

Singles will be played with 4 woods each with the winner being the first to reach 21 shots.

The Open Two Wood singles winner will be the player with the highest score after 21 ends.

In the event of a draw, an extra end will be played.

9-Up Singles will be two sets of nine ends and if it is one set all, it is the best of a three end tie break after that.

A marker should be arranged for singles games.

Pairs and mixed pairs will be played with 4 woods each player and the winners will be the players with the highest score after 18 ends. In the event of a draw, an extra end will be played.

All the above are straight knockout competitions.

All competitions will be drawn at random.

For singles and pairs matches the first player(s) in the draw should contact their opponent(s) and arrange a date and time for the match to be played, by the play by date (to be agreed by both parties). Should this not happen within seven days of the play by date, the opponent(s) become the challenger(s) and should then contact the first named player(s) giving two dates/times of their choice.

Unless authorised by the Competition Secretary, games are to be played by the dates stipulated.

Failure to arrange to play by the play by date will result in the Competition Secretary setting a date for the game to be played.

Player(s) failing to attend will be eliminated from the competition unless the Competition Secretary is informed of a valid reason.

Club Triples League will be played on Wednesday mornings.

Each player will have 3 woods played over 18 ends.

There will be a winner and a runner up.

In the event of a draw at the end of the competition, a tiebreak will be played over three ends.

If a named player in a team is unavailable to play a single substitute may be used but cannot play as skip.

Should a team one player short, the game will be played with the remaining players using four woods.

Aussie Pairs will be on Friday mornings and, if necessary, Friday afternoons.

Each player will have 4 woods played over 16 ends.

There may be two groups and the top team in each group will play each other in the final.

A substitute may be used but only twice in the season unless authorised by the Competition Secretary.

Scoring in both the Triples & Aussie Pairs two points for a win and one for a draw.

Shot difference will also apply at the end of the season, should there be points draw.

If any of the games have to be abandoned, they should be restarted from when it was suspended with the same team and the same score.

Should a game not be able to be played on a due date your opponents MUST be notified and arrangements for the game to be played ASAP.

Arrangements to play a postponed game should be made within seven days of the due date (not necessarily played but arranged to be played and entered in the diary).

Games can only be postponed once unless a valid reason given.

Games can also be arranged prior to the given play dates. Any disputes to be referred to the Competition Secretary. All games must be completed by the last date on the competition fixture lists.