Dress Code

Club league matches are played in Greys. This means club shirt and greys. Club competitions are played either in club shirt or white shirt * and greys. Players may wear shorts ** provided they are grey and supplied by a sports supplier.

*All reference to white shirts is with sleeves and collar. Club shirt is defined as the approved and recognised Bradwell Bowling Club shirt bearing the club logo. No other coloured tops are allowed. Proper bowling shoes must always be worn on the green.

**NOTE - Not all clubs allow the wearing of shorts at their Club.

Dress code for friendlies will be notified on the team selection sheets displayed on the notice board.

Important Note. Extracted from Norfolk Federation Rules.
The Dress code for all County League games is: Grey trousers, shorts or shirt, white top or Club tops all provided by a sports supplier.

Our club rules do not allow the wearing of cargo or trainer type shorts or trousers.

Tony and Ron

Club members can purchase the following items of clothing by contacting a Committee member.

Club shower jackets £30.00

Club tracksuit tops £30.00

Club shirts £20.00